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"I engaged Sam Bearfoot when I first started my Instagram account as I knew I needed help (essentially, I had no clue). I instantly resonated with Sam and her 'no nonsense' approach; her experience, practical approach and downright success is why I often forward her details to anyone I know who needs social media help. Over the last several months I've used her services for various aspects of my business and one of them was for Instagram Growth. Within 1 month I gained 1000 NEW followers. I would never have been able to do this on my own. It's completely down to Sam and her strategies. I will continue to highly recommend her; she's genuine, honest, oh and very funny!"
Sandy Cousens Calm Body and Home - Make Me Super Visible Client
"I recently finished the program with her and absolutely loved it. Sam really knows her stuff. She was able to help me figure out where and how my business could gain the most visibility, and was honest with her feedback on any ideas I brought to the calls. The added bonus is that since my business is well suited for Instagram, I was able to get additional support with messaging and branding.
I would recommend this program to anyone looking to step up in visibility and wants to do so quickly."
Marelda Rodrigues Functional Medicine Coach - Make Me Super Visible Client
"What I loved about working with Sam was her no nonsense, no fluff straightforward approach.
During my first session we did a deep dive into my business and quickly put together a strategy to plug my leaky funnels and drive traffic to my new facebook group.
She taught me how to jazz up my challenge so it actually earnt me money from day 1 and shared a 10 day programme launch plan that actually converts.
Sam is 100% your wing woman – she wants your business to success as much as you do."
Julie Dennis Your Menopause Coach - Make Me Super Visible Client
"I worked with Sam during May and early June this year.
I'm an Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner and have a coaching practice and create a Podcast. I'm currently closing down my local practice and transitioning to working fully online.
I needed help with visibility and wanted to increase my podcast downloads and website traffic by drawing more people to my website to listen to the podcast and also sign up to my mailing list and offers.
My strategy was very organic and whilst the podcast consistently drew listeners I couldn't track where they came from and I certainly wasn't leveraging any potential from them. I had a very scattered focus for the podcast trying to cover everything and its purpose was a little confusing to people other than me
After working with Sam I had a clear plan and a strategy to make my goal happen and I was introduced to a number of apps and softwares that make my scheduling more efficient and effective so I'm not overwhelmed
With Sam's help I focused on my podcast and thought of it as a brand rather than a collection of random conversations. This meant some of the episodes I created had to go but now I have a cohesive message and the podcast supports my business focus. I'm clear on the business why behind my podcast, my listening IC and my guest IC.
I could give you lots more info if you wish but I think the most important thing to say is this was bespoke training and support specifically for my needs.
On June 30th I started implementing Sam's suggestions and since then I've seen a 52% increase in my website traffic. A 25% increase in my podcast downloads. My Instagram account has grown from around 100 to currently just under 1700 My Twitter following has grown from around 80 to 1016.
It's important to say that these followers are far from being vanity numbers. I'm seeing real and supportive engagement through my DM's with next to no bots spamming me. 5 coaches have contacted me to ask if they can guest on my show. I have a feed that looks good and is working for me without compromising my integrity.
I'm using stories to good effect and starting to build a following there too using Sam's suggestions and methods.
It feels good, I'm having fun and I'm getting exactly what I wanted. More downloads of my podcast and increased traffic to my website.
The next step for me is to monetise more effectively and ramp up my Twitter engagement. Sam's given me the tools now I need to implement the next step."
Diana Rickman Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner/ Podcaster - Make Me Super Visible Client
"I'm just going to say it ....
I think I like Instagram more than Facebook 😱
Thanks to Sam Bearfoot and her flipping amazing brain. Xx"
Josie Louise Brocksom  Solution Focused Hypnotherapist - 2hr Intensive Client
"I'm so excited to implement everything you've taught me and watch my insta account grow. I never thought I could spend two hours talking about instagram but it was the best investment of time and money I've made. I haven't even started yet but I have total confidence in what you've told me. You clearly know your stuff. I'll be back in 4 weeks with a success story I'm sure!"
Sharon Goodwin  Women's Empowerment Coach - 2hr Intensive Client
"I had an incredible session with Sam yesterday - it began with some pretty horrific Instagram confessions on my part, being -
 I don't 'get' it!
 My profile's pretty shocking!
 I don't understand how IG fits into my overall strategies!
 She showed me how I can make IG work for me!
 She showed me why!
 She showed me simply!
 She gave me an action plan!
 And she's just bloody awesome to work with!
Thank you so much Sam! You're incredible xxx
 I now know exactly how I can find my tribe using IG and warm them up the way I want to!" 
Jen Hall  Business Clarity Coach - 2hr Intensive Client
"Speaking with Sam on how to get media attention has been instrumental in that happening for us. She provides simple knowledge and strategy which can be applied instantly in most cases but with high impact results. She is my go-to person when I’m looking to get extra online attention that actually works!"
Johann Ilgenfritz   CEO UK Health Radio
"When I needed help to expand my reach within Twitter I looked to Sam to help me work through the necessary changes I would need to make to my strategy. She showed me a whole new way of talking to my crowd on Twitter. I quickly began to create a whole new relationship with them which took my following from 300 to well over 3500 in just a few months!"
Jenny Brewster   Fitness Expert
I was introduced to Sam several years ago through networking. She was instantly a friendly and huge help; explaining how I could make quick and easy step to improve my social management offering. We discussed Twitter growth as part of my social strategy for clients and I’ve not looked back. It has vastly enhanced and consistently helped engaging target audiences for my key clients. I continue to work with her with confidence. Sam is practical and strategic – my ideal working partner.
Hetty Rackham   Freelance Marketing Consultant
I have known Sam for a few years now and can honestly say that she has become my go to person for help growing my business. I could have picked loads of coaches but she says it like it is. Is 100% professional, but 200% down to earth which really appeals to me. Its a delight knowing her, working with her and having her as my business coach and mentor and will give the highest recommendation that I can.
David Ralph   Join Up Dots
I arrived in England 3 years ago after a long absence…didn’t know anybody in London. Met this wonderful bright and bubbly woman with a good head on her shoulders and a big heart. She introduced me to FB ( she showed such patience explaining it to me ! ). She introduced me to some people and taught me quite a bit about doing business in London ! I don’t think I was her most talented pupil… but she kept her smile and patience , which did more for me than she knows. I think you are a special person Sam,- and I’m sure you will be successful in anything that you do ! You have got the magic ! Go spread it !
Michelle MacDonald   Homeopath
When i was encouraged to start a podcast I didn’t know where to start. To be fair, i didn’t realise how much work goes in to each episode. Thankfully, Sam was there to save the day with The School. I have learnt so much and the podcast I started earlier this month has been a MASSIVE success. Thank you for Podcasting School, your 1-2-1 support and encouraging me to finish what I started.
Dee Atkins   Motivational VA
Sam is the awesome sauce and Queen Bee in the podcasting world. Sam quickly taught me the power of podcasting and how to kick the podcasting worlds ass! As a presenter on UK Health Radio, I was keen to set up a podcast of my own, but I had not idea where to start or how to get myself online. Sam gave me the tips and tools to get onto iTunes within 30 minutes – yes, that’s how amazing she is! I’m truly grateful for her help and her knowledge in podcasting is phenomenal! The Podcasting School is worth the investment!
Gurds Hundal   Get Inspired With Gurds
I was so busy keeping up to date with production that my social media fell by the wayside, randomly I would jump in with no real focus or mission in some vein bid to be seen. Sam made me realise that without a presence on social media I would continue serving the same group of Clients, that I needed to spread my wings and let the world know I was here. Sam’s approach to to business is very hands on and practical making it very easy to sea the way forward that gets so easily lost in the day to day needs of getting the Clients work done. How did I never think “I am making this for a Client, why don’t I record it?” have a batch of videos on file for blogging – Sam did and now I do!
Claire Hulot   Chulo Naturals
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