Is Your Business As #InstaFamous As It Could Be?
Build a brand with influence on Instagram while generating leads and income with ease... 
January 2017, I launched the first round of Make Me Instagram Famous to 80 beta testers to see if they could achieve the same great results I had been getting.
In just one month they achieved:
  • Nearly 31K new followers between them
  •  The winner of round one smashed it and INCREASED her followers by 3800%!!
  •  Keith started a brand new account and gained his first 1K followers
  •  The top 5 members all achieved well over 2K new followers each
  •  There was an increase in leads joining mailing lists of over 70%!!
Since then I've... 
  • Helped THOUSANDS create and grow Instagram accounts by HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS
  • Shown personal brands and product-based businesses just like you how to increase their brand awareness 
  • Broken down the strategies used by mainstream influencers so that you can apply them to your accounts with ease
  • Worked with the business elite helping them make multiple 5 figures through their Instagram accounts
And now I'm giving you the exact toolkit I use to help you achieve the same kind of results
Here’s some client results to wet your whistle...
So who’s this course for?

Anyone who is new to Instragam and needs all the basics covered

Anyone who has been around a while but is stagnant with figures and needs an injection of awesomeness to get things rolling again

Anyone who is looking to “up their game” on Instagram and take it to the next level

Anyone who is looking to monetize Instagram

Make Me Instagram Famous is a 12 module online course 
which covers the following:
Watch & Learn
Understanding How You're Found
Instagram Basics Walk Through
Pimp The Profile
Apps To The Rescue
Hashtag Havoc
Posting Strategies
Image Is Everything
The Growth Strategies
Engagement Boosters
Smashing Your Stories Feed
Selling Your Shizzle
Each module is short, sweet and jargon-free as I want you to absorb this quickly, put it into action (like yesterday) and get rolling like a pro. You can easily get through all the modules in the morning and be rocking Instagram by the afternoon, I keep it that simple!!
Live Masterclass Replay Bonuses!
  • Live Content Masterclass - You'll never run out of content for your feed ever again after this.
  • Live Growth Masterclass - With so many choices on how to grow i'll be talking you through the best ones to use for your business
  • Live Sales Masterclass - I'll be walking you through all the things you need to consider and action to turn your Insta account into a money generating platform. 
Here’s what some of the other group members have said:
The Investment Options
Make Me Instagram Famous
  •  Full instant access to the course 
  •  Payment plan available
  •  Free Facebook community for support and Q&A
Make Me Instagram Famous with extra Rocket Fuel VIP Upgrade - £697/$1280
  •  Everything on the standard membership
  •  Plus 1hr Private Strategy Session
  •  Voxer access for Q&A for 1 month after

Note: VIP Uprgrades are first come first serve to just 10 people a month and must be paid in full in advance.

*Voxer Access reasonable use applies and has a 24hr response time, Monday through Friday
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