Unique Instagram Growth, Branding and Lead Generation Formula
You’re hugely successful in the digital space, you’ve got your systems streamlined, your funnels financing your lifestyle and a team tapped in.

You’re super famous everywhere BUT Instagram is just NOT working for you. Worse still, you see your potential competition reaching sky high numbers and getting huge results and it’s frustrating the hell out of you. 

You want to inspire people, you want to get your purpose and your message out there but you need eyes on your content and Instagram is not working for you yet....

The Misunderstanding of Instagram
There are 3 kinds of Instagrammers that I come across on a daily. Yes there are way more varieties but these are the regulars:

1 - You're repurposing your Facebook content on Instagram but not really taking the time to learn or understand the platform then wonder why your account is doing nothing for you.

2 - You're using Instagram as a selfie sticker book expecting your selfies to catch folks attention that don't even know you yet then wonder why that ain't working. FYI you're not Kim K #justsaying.

3 - You've classified your Instagram account as "just another platform" but your ego couldn't stand the mediocre follower numbers so you hired some random company who has promised you the earth growth wise and now you're wondering why you have all these followers but your engagement is well non existent.

I'll keep this bit simple, you're solution to all this is why you are on this page so read on and reach out if you feel you need to.
A Unique And Personal Growth Service
You're here because you want someone you can trust with your hard earned brand. You want someone who's ‘been there, done that’ and has all the skills, knowledge and experience to take your brand to Insta Fame the authentic way.
Hi, my name is Sam Bearfoot and I'm a Online Visibility and Instagram Growth Architect. 

My team and I primarily work with personal brands - which I'm guessing is what you are looking for help with. I also wouldn't be at all surprised if I'm not the first Instagram growth ‘expert’ you've looked at, right? What you're looking for is the next traffic source to bring in extra eyes, leads and brand awareness to your business - and we do all three for you:

  •  Growth - Like it or not vanity metrics matter on this platform and numbers equals business. Whether you want to reach the 10k or 100k mark we work with you to gain a following that will not only engage with your content but ultimately learn to love what you do and become both paying customers and raving fans.
  •  Lead generation - Don’t be fooled by followers. If your content and engagement strategy isn’t working for you, no matter how many followers you have, if your posts aren’t converting you may as well have a dead Instagram page
  •  Branding - Whether it’s brand recognition, you want to stand out as the industry expert that you are or to gain better media, PR and sponsorship opportunities, my talented team work to making your brand not only stands out but attracts the right kind of attention from both followers and collaborations opportunities alike. 
Instagram Branding and Growth Service
The Service
Working with Personal Brands at this level we understand that you have hired us because your time is better spent on other areas of your business. The service we provide here is to the fullest we can without compromising building trust amongst your community.

Here's what we take care of for you:

- Full feed rebrand as required
- Custom content creation 
- Reposting on brand viral content
- Scheduling of all content
- Lead Generation - CTA's required monthly and in advance
- Instagram Stories creation
- Highlights creation
- Growth strategies
- Engagement boosting strategies
- Hashtag research and implementation

We ask that you to do is show up on your stories weekly. Why? Because this is how you will make your money. 
Stories training can be provided for those who need to up their game in this area. 

Methods Used
We use a variety of different methods to achieve the desired results for clients. 

This can include:

- Giveaways
- Influencer Shout Outs and Collaborations
- Optimising Profile
- Customising Hashtags
- Networking via automation
- Facebook Ads (Client to provide budget)

We work closely with the client to ensure that we are only using methods they are happy with us using and provide clear feedback on how not using some methods will affect results.

Here's The Juicy Bits
Case Study No 1
Clothing Brand Prelaunch Project
Objective - Prelaunch clothing brand to get a foot on the platform and establish connections and collaborations
Case Study No 2
Personal Brand/Entrepreneur
3 Month Personal Brand/Service Based Client 
Objective - Rebrand, Growth to establish Influence in US
  •  Full Instagram feed rebrand
  •  Increased their following 264% - 8099 to 29.5K 
  •  Increased link in bio click by 474% 
  • Increased US demographics from 33% US to 73% with top 5 countries as US States.
Case Study No 3
Personal Brand/Entrepreneur
3 Month Personal Brand/Service Based Client 
Objective - Rebrand, Growth to establish Influence
  •  Full Instagram feed rebrand
  •  Increased their following 248% - 8.6k to 30K 
  •  Increased clicks to website by 224% 
  •  Increased length of time spent on website by 522% 
  •  Instagram became their second highest source of traffic to website
Case Study No 4
Personal Brand/Entrepreneur
4 Month Personal Brand/Service Based Client
Objective - Rebrand, Growth to 100K, Generate Leads and Sales
  •  Full Instagram feed rebrand
  •  Increased their following 178% - 36k to 101K
  •  Increased their engagement rate by 98%  
  •  Increased their link bio clicks by 330%  
  •  Generated over 1000 leads  
  •  Generated $64k in sales
Other Client Work
Long Term Consultancy Client
Objective: To use Instagram as primary source of traffic for clothing store
Instagram Rebrand Client
Objective: To increase brand awareness and streamline the brand across all media
A Quick Introduction
I think it's really important for you to know just a few things about me (if you don't know any already of course), if you are considering working me and my team.
I've been in the online space for over 13 years - running various forms of business before I landed here. Let me condense this: I've had more than one successful personal brand, been a Radio Presenter with a quarter of a million monthly listeners, had half a million podcast downloads, ran a Twitter marketing agency (before Instagram was even a thing) - and I currently have over a 600k follower network to my name.
What sets me (and my team) apart from the rest is quite simply the vast business experience and success both I (and my team) have. What we do is so much more than just getting you fancy vanity metrics (unless of course that is what you want).
We offer a very unique growth, branding and lead generation strategy. I have been told countless of times that there simply isn’t a service that offers this unique combination of growth service with this much success.
Virtually all of my clients come to me after first looking at some of my competitors who are usually younger (i.e. with far less experience) and have never built a personal brand of their own.
The core value that sits head and shoulders above all the fancy figures you see above is that your personal brand is personal and we get that. You're not looking to become the next 100% re-post account on Instagram, or gain followers who have zero interest in what you do.
What you're looking for is the next traffic source to bring in extra eyes, leads and brand awareness to your business.
I hope this goes some way to helping you understand who I am and what my team and I stand for but if you want to know more or arrange what I like to call a cuppa and chat, drop me an email and I'll happy answer anything else you would like to know.
But before you do, come and also follow me on my social accounts, below - and see my content and the results I’m getting.
Talk to you soon

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To make further enquiries about how we could help you please do reach out to me via sam@makingvisibilityeffortless.com