Instagram Stories are highly addicted once you know how to harness their magical powers...
Struggling to get your head around Instagram Stories? 

Do you feel like even if you know how to use them your mind is still boggled with what to actually put on them?
Let's fix that shall we... 
Welcome to Instagram Stories Basics 2 Badass!
Welcome to Instagram Stories Basics 2 Badass!
Discover how to create engaging story magic
Stand out from the crowd with ease
Build rapport with your audience at a faster rate
Get super consistent with your Instagram Stories
Hey Darling, 

I'm Sam and I've been working in the Instagram space for the last 3 years and I have a prediction.

Instagram Stories will out perform the normal feed in the next two years! Yup that's a biggie right?

Now here's what I know about you.

You're using Instagram but absolutely not touching Instagram Stories because you don't have the know how.

You are worry that your Instagram Stories would be boring, unattractive and not something your audience want to see, so you just don't bother. 

What if I told you that applying just 1 minute a day to your stories, you could build rapport with your audience twice as fast as you can on the normal feed AND I'm going to walk you through doing that for free?

Do I have your attention now...

Can't wait and don't wanna scroll no more, yeah I like your style, here's a button to show you how to sign up ASAP!
5 Day Free Instagram Stories Challenge 
Taking You From Basics 2 Badass
Discover How To Create Stories With Confidence
Become Super Consistent With Just 1 Minute A Day
Here's how it works...
I will deliver 5 days of training for you to watch, absorb and action right to your DMs on Instagram.

Day 1 - I cover the basics to get you going
Day 2 - I'll show you how to jazz things up a little
Day 3 - Externals apps to make life a little easier
Day 4 - More viewers and how to hide hashtags!
Day 5 - Leads and Sales
Bonus Day - Snapchat and IGTV

Each training is available for you to watch as many times as needed on Youtube and of course, I'm always available in my DMs if you get stuck. Simply hit reply with your question. 
You ready to become a full Stories Badass in just 1 minute a day?

So Who Is Sam?
I'm Sam Bearfoot a fully fledged Instagram Badass and Visibility Expert with an Instagram follower network of over 600k. Pretty impressive huh! 

I've been in the online space for more than 13 years and have worked with Instagram for the last 3 years. 

I build Instagram accounts for multi 6 figure and 7 figures business owners, have helped thousands of business owners become Instagram famous and lost count on how many followers I've gained for clients.

As you can see, Instagram is my jam and I want to help you make it yours to as we tackle your first challenge that is Instagram Stories!

Much love
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